Three Things You Must Do in Belgium.

Three Things You Must Do in Belgium.

The country of Belgium is often overlooked and thought of as just a city in Germany by most people. But not a lot of them know the value and history that has taken place in this great city.

Though it is pretty small in comparison to the other countries in Europe, don’t count it out yet! As in this country, you can experience time travel! Thanks to its well preserved cultural and historical sites of course.

But there’s more to this place than even just that! So here are three things you must do in the country of Belgium! 

Grab a beer. 

When it comes to craft beer, there is no other place to get the best than in Belgium! Because if there’s one thing that Belgium people are known for, is their passion for making the best beers!

Here, you’ll be able to have the best experience trying on different types of local craft beers from pubs around every street corner. And some of them have pretty high alcohol percentages too, so make sure that when you come for a drink, you’ll be able to handle it. 

Some of the best around town are the Leffe Brown, and the Westmalle Tripel. And now, you know which craft beers to try first!

Visit the Grand Palace in Brussels.

The capital city of Brussels houses one of the grandest and most marvelous places in all of Europe. It’s even enough to rival the streets of Paris, or Buckingham Palace as well!

The Grand Palace in Brussels has an astounding collection of architecture. Each with its own history and story that you can learn about when you enter the buildings. Historic buildings that were preserved since the late 17th century will be open to the public so that you can see just how important Belgium was way back then.

So get ready to get sightseeing, because trust me, you have never seen a place like the Grand Palace in Brussels before! 

Get naked in the North Sea. 

If you’ve ever wondered where nudist beaches first became popular, then you’ve come to the right place. Because along the shores of the North Sea, is the birthplace where you can hang it all out for the world to see!

Let it all loose at Bredene’s nudist beach, where you’ll be able to enjoy the shores in all your nude glory. And don’t be shy, because everybody will be doing it, trust me! But if that isn’t your thing, then you can always just have a breather at the Zwin nature reserve or stroll the dunes of Duinkerke.


Though Belgium is a relatively small country, it is not one to look down at, as it still remains to be one of the most historical countries in all of Europe. From some of the best local craft beers out there to get naked at the beach, this country is a little weird but that just makes it all the more fun to explore and travel!