About Climate Action

Are you the type who recycles bottles, plastics, paper and cans? Are you the caring type of conservationist at heart or maybe a ecologist? Either way, what do all these categories of people have in common? Well, they all care about things and important issues more so than they may care about other non-essential things.

Have you ever thought about the oxygen that fills your lungs every single day and how happy your lungs might be, just to be breathing correctly without any major issues or have you ever stepped out into a garden or maybe the mountains or just a beautiful scenic area (that is not man made) and took the real time to enjoy the beauty that is all around you? If you have done any of these things, then maybe you are like me, someone who cares about nature, life, beauty and our world, our home as a whole.

Have you ever thought of way in which to preserve our home? Many people go on living day by day, wasting our beautiful world’s natural beauty away and all the things mother nature in general has to offer us, from the birds in the sky, to the bees pollinating our crops, plants, fruit trees and so much more.

Could you imagine a world that doesn’t have bees or any other essential living organism, that we need, to keep our time on this wonderful earth an ongoing possibility? What I mean is think of conservation, if we took more time to pick up trash and waste that is polluting our streets, our beaches and wooded areas, we would be so much better off than if we just ignored it all and did absolutely nothing about it.

Imagine a world where bees go extinct and birds don’t fly in our skies and flowers and trees are wilted and the air is polluted so badly, that the air you breathe is no longer an easy thing for our lungs to do. Can you imagine how easily the beauty around us would die and our world would become a place of destitution and lack, our lakes could run dry and so many factors really come into play, it wouldn’t be a nice world  to live in or a good place to call home, like it is now

However, while you may think its just something to imagine the point of this all is, that we do face that dire reality and our skies are becoming polluted every single day for decades now, our bees are becoming less and less everyday, so many animals have gone extinct already.

And a lot of guilty people do toss trash around carelessly, slowly our world is becoming like the one I asked you to imagine. So, the next question to ask is, what can we all do to keep allowing our home to be beautiful to us, to be inhabitable to us? Well, first of all there are many things you can do, today, small but effective things.

I know you have driven across a freeway and seen people picking up trash on the side of the freeways or in parks etc. and most people see neon colored vests and think it’s probably some juvenile that is doing that as community service for a punishment, or maybe you think its an inmate or someone who is forced to do it.

But not everyone who picks up trash on the side of the road is doing it because they have to, some people actually volunteer to do it because they want to and they have a need, a passion and drive to make our world a better place; a clean place to live in, who are against, further polluting and trashing our home

Some people want to make a difference, some people care and want to preserve the beauty that surrounds us everyday. There are many organizations and groups with people of like mind and who have the same goals, who truly care about our environment. People who don’t only server their own needs but our homes needs as well.

People that regularly clean trash off our freeways, beaches and wooded areas. People who fight against pollution, people who don’t litter, who willingly recycle and only use and buy recycle cans and bottles; they report illegal dumping, they help clean oceans and save sea life and so much more. It is true that one tiny voice can be just that one extra person needed to help make a difference. Do you want to be that person? I hope so.

Learn more about us here: www.richmondclimateaction.com

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