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Why Painting Your House Can Help The Environment and Lower Your Bills


Summer is fast approaching and with this comes the rise of electric bills. Of course, you can always consider some options that will help you keep the house cool while also keeping your electricity bill low. It may seem odd, but your house painting does have an effect on how high your electric bills are. In this article, we talk about the effects of painting your house to the environment and bills.

Effects of your House Paint:

  • The heat increases with darker colors: If you remember in elementary school, then you will remember how they said that the color of your clothes affects how much light you absorb. The same goes through with the color of your house paint. Selecting a darker color of paint means that your house absorbs more heat, causing you to spend more on your electricity bills.
  • Lighter colored walls reflect more light: The same thing goes through with the interior of your home. If you paint the walls with a lighter shade or color, then you won’t have to keep the lights on all throughout the day because the light can reflect on your walls. If you have a darker colored room, then you can expect that the walls will absorb most of the light.
  • Components of your paint: Paint is comprised of many things, and some of the ingredients that go into pain isn’t always safe for the environment. For this, we shall use lead-based paint as an example. Lead-based paint has negative effects to both you and the environment and can cause long-term problems.
  • Reduced electricity bills: Like we mentioned previously, summertime is a time when your electricity bills are high because of the energy consumed by air conditioners to keep your house cool. If you paint your homes with a light color, you can expect that your house will be cooler in the summer because it won’t absorb as much heat from the light. Aside from that, you won’t have to keep your lights on all day if the sunlight reflects on your walls.

Important Key Takeaways:

In this day and age, there are so many changes to the environment that need to be addressed. Excessive energy consumption can have a negative effect on the environment. With that, we do suggest that you consider using environmentally-friendly products that will help you reduce your energy consumption.

4 Ways to Lower Your Electricity Bill in the Summer


The summer season is soon approaching, and with it comes unbearable heat. The use of air conditioners can be pricey to the electric bill and we know you’re not looking forward to that. In this blog post, we list down 4 tips on keeping your electricity bill low this summer.

4 tips on lowering your bill:

  • Use energy-friendly products: Investing in energy-friendly products means that your bills will rise up less because it consumes less energy. If it gets warm in your place then it’s highly likely that your house will be using air conditioning to help cool down. With that in mind, continuous use of air conditioning would cause your electricity bills to raise. At least, with the use of energy-friendly products you don’t have to pay as much for your bills.
  • Keep the peak utility use in the summertime: You have to keep in mind that there are certain times in the day when utilities are used more often than other times. These are the times you need to avoid because your water pump would be working harder to produce water, the more energy consumed, the more you have to pay. Usually, this happens around the time people eat; which is why you have to plan your meals accordingly to avoid spending extra on energy consumption.
  • Take your cooking outside: While the summertime seems like a good time to have picnics and delightful desserts, maybe it’s time to take your cooking outside. Running your oven will cause your air conditioner to use up more energy which will definitely raise the price of your electric bills. Instead of using your oven, maybe investing in a griller would help reduce how much you spend on your electric bills.
  • Use other cooling tools: Instead of relying on your air conditioner to keep you cool all summer, put the fans to good use. If you haven’t had ceiling fans installed, then invest in stand fans. Stand fans are cheap, convenient, and very easy to move around. You can take your stand fan anywhere you go and keep cool while doing it.

Why You Should Keep This in Mind:

It may seem like it’s counterintuitive to invest in energy-friendly products since these cost a bit. But it would help reduce your costs and keep you cool in the scorching summer sun. It will also help you save more money in the future for unforeseeable needs. 

The more money you have saved, the more you can spend it on other things you might need. Conclusion:

Summer is a beautiful season, and although the heat may be a bit annoying, this is no reason for you to be throwing a lot of money into your electric bill. The air conditioner isn’t your only source of cool air, and you should be able to keep these tips in mind. We hope you keep our 4 tips on keeping your electricity bill low this summer in mind once the season comes around and how to save.

What To Look For When Hiring Roofing Contractors


When it comes to having your roof done, it’s always better to call a professional. However, we do understand that the screening process can be quite tedious. In this article, we give you tips for what to look for when hiring roofing contractors.

Considerations When Hiring Roofing Contractors:

  • Ask All the Questions: Some clients fail to ask their questions which can cause some misunderstandings between the contractor and the client. Keep yourself informed. Your contractor will not shame you for not knowing, that’s why you hire them in the first place.
  • Check for Online Reviews: Since this is the digital age, you can now check the reviews of companies before hiring them. Of course, take it in with a grain of salt. Some reviews might not be as genuine as they seem.
  • Look into Social Media: If the company is active on social media, then this is a good thing for you. A social media account means that people recognize this company. When checking this page, check if they have reviews within the year. If their last customer was from five years ago, then you might want to look somewhere else.
  • Considering Your Options: If you’re looking for someone to repair your roof, it would be good to check the legitimacy of the contractors in your roster. It’s easy to see a long list, but you can expect some fakes in that list. Having at least three options will be a smart move, especially when it’s your first time hiring a contractor.
  • Good Customer Service: One of the most important parts when hiring any type of service company is their customer service. In any situation, if you feel dissatisfied with the service, you should be able to voice your complaints. If a company has bad customer service, then you will have a lot of problems when you want to file a complaint.
  • Specialized Contractors: Not all roof cases are the same, which is why we think before hiring a contractor that you should try to get an estimate with someone that’s hired a roofing contractor before. If you have a different case from usual problems, then you might want to look into contractors that have specializations. This will also prevent spending on a contractor that doesn’t know what they are doing.
  • Consider more than one option: If you are new to hiring a roofing contractor, you should gather more than one option so you have room for comparison. This will give you a chance to check which contractor will consider your needs. It will also give you an opportunity to check the reviews on each company before hiring them.
  • Check for Free Estimates: One of the most expensive things from hiring a contractor is when you have your roof estimated. Unfortunately, some people charge even their estimates. This is a cost that you don’t need. Some companies do offer free estimates, but they are very few. If you can’t find someone that will do it for free, then look for the company that offers the lowest estimate fee.
  • Hire Local Contractors: Another thing that can cost a lot when hiring a contractor is when you hire outside of your area. When looking for a roofing company, you can look into local roofing contractors that can deal with your roofing needs. This will help you cut down on costs.

Important Key Takeaways:

Hiring a roofing contractor isn’t difficult. If you know what you’re looking for then you should be alright. Here are tips for what to look for when hiring roofing contractors.

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Three Creative Ways to Save Water

Did you know that as an American, you probably use about 80-100 gallons of water every day! Even though the Earth is three-quarters water, only about one or two percent of it.

That means you are using about 29,000 gallons of water per year! Every drop counts, and we should all be doing our part to conserve water! Luckily there are lots of opportunities to cut back on water usage around the house and in your everyday life, even some you might not have thought of before!

These tricks are simple and require almost no extra effort, just a little bit of forethought on your part when you go to turn on that faucet! So now, there is no excuse to not be conscious about your water usage.

Recycle water.

While you are waiting for your shower water to heat up, place a bucket in to collect any of the water you won’t be showering in. This is fresh water that can be used to wash fruits and vegetables, to water plants, to clean, to feed your pets and even boil with.

This is the perfect alternative to letting that water dump down that drain and will cut down on gallons of water. You can also reuse water that you steam vegetables with to create a vegetable stock, or again, use it to water your garden. Tip: water your garden at night so that it doesn’t get evaporated by the sun during the day, thus using less water.

Washing dishes.

Most dishwashers use less water than we do when we wash by hand! So use your dishwasher. If you don’t have one, another thing you can do is wash your dishes in the biggest dirty pot you have in the sink. Just filling that pot up with water and washing the dishes inside there will not only save water but will clean the pot as well!

Only order water if you’re going to drink it.

How often do you order water or even just receive it without drinking it? That water ends up in the drain when you leave and ends up being a waste! A way to combat that water waste is to think about how thirsty you are before you order and if you are really going to finish it. If not, consider asking for it filled only halfway, because you can always ask your waiter for more later on.

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Reasons Why You Should Take Care of the Planet

The planet we live in is a place that has provided us with the resources that we need to go on with our daily life. Without our planet, we wouldn’t have a place to live. It should go unsaid, but these are reasons why you should take care of the planet.

Things You Can Do To Help The Environment:

  • Picking up your litter
  • Recycling your trash
  • Proper segregation of your trash
  • Conserving water
  • Conserving energy sources
  • Opting for less plastic bags in the grocery

These little habits make a big impact on your environment. Keeping your environment clean is a great way to make sure your planet is habitable even after you are gone.

The Future Generation Would Appreciate It:

Unless you have the ability of immortality, you’re not going to live until the ends of days. Keeping the environment healthy will give the future generations an opportunity to live in a home that’s as good as the one we live in now.

Damage caused by littering, pollution, and global warming can affect the future generations. Which is one of the reasons why you should take care of the planet.

A Clean Environment Would Improve Your Health:

A littered environment causes pollution, which increases toxins and contaminants that can cause damage to your health. Based on studies for the US EPA, pollution can trigger asthma, heart attacks, bronchitis, and early death. Aside from that, it states that the indoor environment can be two to five times more toxic than the outside environment.

Despite the fact that there are technologies that are able of taking care of these health problems, you shouldn’t be complacent should all these methods fall through. Your number one priority should be keeping the air smog-free, and the water free from any harmful chemicals that can be detrimental to your health.

The Temperature of the Earth is Rising:

Have you noticed that it’s a little warmer nowadays? Well, that may be due to the fact that it is. Even small changes in the average temperature can cause frequent occurrences of devastating storms and dangerous weather patterns.

According to the EPA, most of the problems related to global warming is caused by the increase of greenhouse gas concentrations. The change in these concentrations have caused global warming, which then causes climate change.

Things Affected by Climate Change:

  • Agriculture
  • Coastal Areas
  • Wildlife
  • Forests
  • Water resources
  • Human Health

These are things that affect your daily lives. If you aren’t taking care of avoiding pollution, you could expect that it would be a lot hotter than usual. Make an effort to avoid doing things that can change the temperature as this has great effect in global warming.

It’s a Reflection of Your Character:

Have you ever heard of the phrase: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”? If you have, then we hope you reflect on this factor. The earth provides us with clean air, fresh water, amazing landscapes, and etc., why should we give back pollution, litter, and destruction?

It’s about time you start giving back because the earth has been kind.

Key Takeaways:

There are a lot of reasons why you should take care of the planet. So, practice the healthy habits that help you preserve your home.